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Featured ad: Duplex Rental in Edmonton, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms - 7049 Cardinal Way SW for $2,000/m

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The rental property advertisements below have been posted by Edmonton landlords or property management companies seeking renters. If the ad is still up, it's still available to rent! Click on a rental ad below to view the full ad details and more photos.

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HomeButton contains rental advertisements for hundreds of houses to rent in Edmonton.

You'll find rental listings for apartments, rental houses, town homes, condos, executive apartments and furnished or unfurnished rooms and suites for rent.

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Searching for houses for rent in Edmonton just became one of the simplest aspects of your move. Thanks to HomeButton, a revolutionary and unique way to search thousands of property listings online, you can quickly and easily find precisely the home you are looking for without any of the hassle you might expect to face when it's time to move. Simply enter some basic information regarding your requirements and preferences into the search field and, just a few clicks later, you'll be presented with detailed data on houses throughout the area.

When you're looking for houses to rent in Edmonton, you want to be able to gather pertinent information quickly and easily. You need to know what sort of price range is available in a given neighbourhood, which schools are associated with the area, how many bedrooms and bathrooms are in the home, and any features that may be available. These may include extra storage space on the property, whether pets are allowed, swimming pools and sprinkler systems, washer/dryer connectivity, air conditioning, a fireplace and more. HomeButton's listings delineate all major features of the home before you visit so you'll know right away if a property merits a closer look before you even get in the car.

Because HomeButton uses a map search feature supported by Google Maps, you know that the information you're getting regarding directions and walking scores are accurate. Find out how close your potential rent home is to places you frequent on a regular basis, such as shops, schools, entertainment and work. Make your next home rental search an easy one with HomeButton.

With its wealth of diverse culture and beautiful neighbourhoods, Edmonton is undeniably a great place to live. Whether you're planning on moving to the city for the first time or have lived here for years, relocating to a new house can potentially prove to be a stressful endeavour. Fortunately, finding the place that's perfect for you doesn't have to be difficult any longer. In fact, with HomeButton's advanced search functionality, choosing the next place you rent can turn out to be the easiest part of moving in general.

HomeButton's unique service allows you to peruse hundreds of rental listings in Edmonton and the surrounding area for free. Find unlimited, full-color photos of both the interior and exterior of most houses as well as detailed information regarding square footage and amenities. Enter specific information regarding what you're looking for into the search field and with a single click, view all of the properties that match your desired criteria.

Because HomeButton's site features a location finder powered by Google Maps, you know that address information and driving directions are accurate and at your fingertips. In fact, you can even take advantage of HomeButton's mobile function on your mobile phone or tablet. Get your information on the go as you visit potential rent prospects and contact landlords immediately with questions and inquiries.

While house hunting used to require hours of research and extensive traveling all over the city, HomeButton's smart solutions make it easier than ever for you to find the place of your dreams quickly and within your desired price range all for free.

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1. Landlords Advertise Rental Properties by Posting Free Ads on HomeButton

It's free to post rental ads on HomeButton- even if you have more than one rental property to advertise.

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2. Renters Find the Latest Houses for Rent in Their City

Find houses to rent at HomeButton, in addition to townhouses, condos, apartments, rooms and suites.

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3. HomeButton Helps Renters and Landlords Connect Online

Make arrangements with the landlord to view the rental property in person and browse the neighborhood.

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Finding a Rental in Edmonton Just Got Easier!

If you are searching for a house to rent in Edmonton and surrounding area, you've come to the right place! We can make the job much easier and a lot quicker too, and have you connecting with landlords right away. HomeButton is not quite like the other home rental websites you may come across. To start with, we don't charge you anything! Plus, we make sifting through the hundreds of house rental listings less confusing and time consuming. Start browsing houses, apartments, condos, duplexes, basement suits and more without spending a lot of time or a single dollar.

What's Great About HomeButton?

How about we start with our nifty Google Map search tool? This tool makes it super easy for you to find houses in Edmonton locations that you prefer most. Simply open up the map, click on the houses marked in locations that you prefer and you get a quick outline of what's in the neighborhood. If you have been calling up friends and relatives and asking them about houses for rent in the best locations Edmonton has to offer, you have a very limited glimpse of what's available in the market. Just use our easy to use map search tool and you have a birds eye view of all the best houses in a specific Edmonton area with just a few mouse clicks, all in the time it takes to make a single phone call!

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HomeButton also makes it easy for you to shortlist suitable rentals in Edmonton. We give you all the relevant details you need such as price, rooms, locations, photos and links to contact Edmonton landlords. We also give you email tools for sharing listings with friends and active Facebook and Twitter pages where new listings are shared regularly. Keep yourself informed about the best offers in the market when you want to rent houses by making HomeButton your rental search destination.

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